The Liability of Companies and Executive Officers: from Data Protection to Restitution (2nd part)

March 13, 2014

According to Dr Zoltán Somos, it is important to emphasise that the concept of “desired benefits” shall also stand for the following: if a company is given exemption from one of its obligations emanating from law or a contract (for example public procurement procedure, winding-up procedure) or it “gets rid of” any of an otherwise necessary expense which would be the direct consequence of a reasonable procedure.

For executive officers, members of the board of directors or the supervisory board it could be a further “thrill” that a person who could have prevented the commitment of a crime - in the course of fulfilling his obligation to control or supervise -  can actually also become the perpetrator.

You can read the second part of the two-parted article here, while the first part is available through the link.