High-interest panel discussion about Hungary’s role for German companies

4 March 2015

bpv JÁDI NÉMETH Attorneys at Law was delighted to welcome the guests of a full house panel discussion about Hungary’s role as a regional competency center and industry hub for German companies.

Stakeholders from German leading industries contribute significantly to the development of our national economic development. This favorable evolution is not only due to the country’s high standard education system, central location, strategic and innovative mindset but also to certain areas of the domestic legislation. But how can we move forward? This was the main question we aimed to answer with the help of highly esteemed members of the panel discussion: Ágnes Fábián, Managing Director and President at Henkel HungaryJavier González Pareja,General Manager at Robert Bosch Kft.; Gergely Prőhle, Deputy State Secretary for International and EU Affairs of the Ministry of Human Capacities and Peter Inzenhofer, Vice-President at German-Hungarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce; Managing Director at Hirschmann Car Communication

The members of the panel discussion agreed that Hungary offers a great potential for German companies to develop regional centers around their core competences and many factors improved during the recent years, however it is important to see that these companies contributed to this development significantly and huge part of the positive trends were generated by themselves.

Although everyone welcomes the positive tendency, there is a consensus among the key stakeholders that there is room for improvement in terms of the implementation of new regulations. The representatives of the companies agreed that they would need not only more time in order to prepare themselves for changing regulations but they would also require more consultation with the government.

Overall, based on the discussion, we can expect that leading German companies will further invest in Hungary and will recommend the country as business destination but in order to be able to make the leap from good to great there Hungary needs to take further steps towards legal stability and predictability.  


In recognition of German investors’ major role in the Hungarian economy and in anticipation of their growing contribution to a sustainable knowledge based society, bpv JÁDI NÉMETH has taken the strategic step to create a German Practice.  In February 2015 Dr. Marc-Tell Madl joined the firm as Partner and German Practice Head. Dr. Marc-Tell Madl stands out by showcasing most successful career and impressive track record both as a full licensed German and a Hungarian attorney. After 20 years of serving German, Austrian and Swiss investors in the region, Marc-Tell will provide his vast experience along with an unparalleled understanding, in depth knowledge and deal routine of German speaking clients for bpv JÁDI NÉMETH to offer premium services for this very vibrant segment of the market.