Dr. Zoltán László Németh

Dr. Zoltán László Németh


Professional experience

Dr. Németh gained extensive experience in criminal law during the past 18 years, particularly in the field of economic criminal law. He has gained considerable practical experience with regard to the facts of bankruptcy fraud, violation of accounting rules, credit fraud, misappropriation, fraud and embezzlement. Thanks to extensive experience in real estate law he is a recognized expert of this area as well. In addition, Dr. Németh provides permanent legal representation for a number of companies with versatile profiles: timeshare right sellers, IT companies, real estate brokers, as well as book and music publishing companies, web portals and design firms.

For several times he gave presentations on different topics (such as crimes related to information systems, cases with great significance) at The National Institute of Criminology,The Academy for Judges of The National Council of Justice and Kriminálexpo.

His articles have been published in the journals Magyar Jog and Ügyvédek Lapja. He was the rapporteur of Hungary in the field of criminal law at a conference organised by FIDE in Tallin in 2012. In his report, he was dealing with, inter alia, the actual situation of the harmonization of the Hungarian Criminal Law and Criminal Procedural Systems with a special attention to cybercrime, data protection and the different forms of international cooperation in criminal matters. 


1988-1993   ELTE Faculty of Law and Political Sciences, Budapest
1995-1998 ELTE Faculty of Law and Political Sciences - Economic Criminal Law expert postgraduate studies
2003 ELTE Faculty of Law and Political Sciences  PhD School

Professional membership

2005-2011   Secretary-General - Federation of Hungarian Real Estate Associations
2008-tól  Permanent legal representative of „I do not give up”  („Nem Adom Fel” ) Foundation
2005-2007 Permanent legal expert of Real Estate related programs of the Budapest and Economic Radio 
2004-2007 Permanent legal expert of the Real Estate Manager box of HVG electronic  magazine
2004-2010 Permanent legal expert of the internet site: „Our Home” („A Mi Otthonunk”)


Italian, English


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