Dr Peter Garancsi at the event of the Governance & Transparancy Committee of AmCham at the ELTE University

April 29, 2014

The partner of our law firm attended as a committed volunteer the 'Board Simulation' meeting put on stage by the Governance and Transparency Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce in Hungary (AmCham) at the Faculy of Law at the ELTE University on April 29

Board Simulation is a role play case presentation of a fictional stock exchange listed board meeting where six or more G&T Committee members of AmCham demonstrate the business implications of corporate governance issues. Students watch a typical board meeting enacted to illustrate through a case study real-life business issues, challenges and potential resolutions. Sensitive issues and difficult decisions are discussed.

The simulation was originally created as a proposed teaching tool for local universities and upon its success several univeristies integrated the program into their curriculums.