Corporate & Commercial Law

Our recognized corporate lawyers have a very impressive combined track record in all aspects of corporate and commercial law of in the Hungarian market.

Our lawyers have significant experience in establishing all forms of business entities, subsidiaries and branch offices in Hungary as well as incorporating foundations, conducting mergers and other type of corporate transformations, providing continuous legal advice in connection with day to day operations. We advise leading and emerging companies on corporate law matters, such as creating appropriate corporate governance structures, setting up internal processes and by-laws, advising on the fiduciary duties of managers (both executives and non-executives), the appointment and removal of key corporate personnel and compliance with Hungarian corporate law.

Although the business activities of our clients largely differ, they face the same fundamental issues.  From the procurement of materials and services; through R&D and product manufacturing as well as the acquisition of consulting services they span marketing and distribution until they end in the final sale to consumers. Accordingly, we provide commercial contract support and handle major projects for companies. We work with clients to structure and document relationships with suppliers, customers or strategic partners. Our advice covers commercial agreements including purchase and supply, agency and distribution, franchise, logistics and warehousing as well as strategic alliances.

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