17th Wiener Juristengespräche - Secrecy and Privacy Protection

February 28 - March 1, 2014

On the occasion of the traditional Vienna Lawyers Ball (Juristenball) 2014 in the festival halls of the former Austrian Emperors Palace Hofburg, bpv Hügel Rechtsanwälte held the yearly law symposium, the 17th Wiener Juristengespräche in Vienna. This year, the symposium was dedicated to the up-to-date topic "Secrecy and Privacy Protection".

The various presentations, lectures and interviews included the latest developments with regard to the disclosure and protection of information in antitrust proceedings, new approaches of the EU for the protection of know-how, obligations of telecommunications providers in terms of retention and confidentiality challenges in international internal investigations.

Afterwards, interesting panel discussions were moderated between experts and practitioners about confidentiality obligations in capital markets and M&A transactions, as well as other confidentiality issues in various industries, in particular banks and media enterprises.

The attorney-at-law of bpv JÁDI NÉMETH, Dr Éva Fülöp, highlighted the specifics in Hungary on the topics 'Capital markets disclosure requirements and confidentiality obligations – a contradiction?' and on 'Secrecy issues in M&A transactions, Disclosure Requirements versus Confidentiality Obligations in the Due Diligence Phase of M&A Transactions'.

The evening of the Juristenball on March 1st started with a Champagne Reception at the Ephesos Museum, Neue Burg.